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May 7, 2012

In Chile, harvest is wrapped up and all seed has either arrived or is on the way to its’ destination. The Parent Seed team is busy with equipment maintenance, as well as getting an early start looking for sites for next year. The Certified Production team is in meetings with growers, discussing the past season, as well as discussing future plans regarding rotation and the like.

Hybrid seeding in Southern Alberta is off to a good start following an early spring. Rain showers last week were welcomed as soil conditions were dry in April, but now we’re ready for the sun as we are gearing up to complete seeding, and the canals have been filled early this year. The weeds are growing, and germination conditions are very good so it’s a good start to the season!

BC has had its’ earliest start to the season ever, as planting has already begun, and the last of ground preparation is wrapping up. The seasonal labour will be arriving next week, and they will be helping as we get into fencing, hay reclamation and irrigation, which is all on the immediate horizon.