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June 12, 2012

In Southern Alberta, the earliest seeded fields will be flowering the beginning of next week and preparation for pollinator placement, and male trimming is underway. The season has been cool and wet so far but as a result the stands are good and the plants are healthy. Hard spring storms came through last week which caused some damage in SAlberta, but hopefully they are out of the way now! All in all the season is off to a good start with high potential for both quality and yield.

In B.C., thanks to the ideal spring weather, planting is complete and the fields are off to an early start. There has been a lot of rain lately, so as weather allows, we are busy completing pesticide applications.

In Chile, the production team is still meeting with growers and planning for the upcoming season, while the parent seed team has been working sites and also looking for new ones.

In the Central Zone, the grow out has just started to flower, while the earliest planted production fields are at the two-leaf stage, and spraying has begun. However, due to the weather - non-stop rain, with an expectation of about 100mm from Santiago to Temuco in a 24 hour period - there won't be much going on in those fields for a while.