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July 23, 2012

The certified seed program is two-thirds finished male removal with the final female flower finishing in the next few days. The forecast looks good and should provide an earlier harvest than experienced the last few years. Crop health is good and other than a hot week in early July flowering conditions have been excellent which should mean well for quality and yield.

The parent seed program in B.C. is busy with roguing and crop inspections. We have fields that are coming out of flower while at the same time the later-planted fields are just starting to flower. Next week male removal will begin and the last tents will be set up. The weather has been favourable with warm temperatures and the occasional rainfall.

In Chile, seeding continues in the Central Zone, which should be complete by next week, while the Central Zone grow outs are currently being read for a number of qualities. In the south zone, we have finalized our grower price and are meeting with growers and signing contracts. The parent seed team is visiting with farmers and confirming isolations for the upcoming season, and we will begin shipping parent seed for planting to Chile in about two weeks.