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August 27, 2012

Combines have been going full bore on commercial crops for about the past 2 weeks in Southern Alberta, and the seed canola harvest is just around the corner. Swathing has been going for 10 days and temperatures have been high so the seed is drying down nice and quick. A mild spring, followed by a warm but humid summer will be good for yield and quality, but has also resulted in higher disease pressure in all crop types. If the warm conditions continue harvest will come quickly and be finished my mid-September and we would be more than happy with that!

In BC we have a number of fields swathed and will begin harvest this week. The weather conditions are favorable for the beginning of harvest as it is starting earlier than the average year.

In Chile it is still late winter. There is frost on the ground every morning, and it usually gets down to around 0 degrees every night. Daytime highs have been okay however, usually around 14 or 15 degrees. It was raining up until a few days ago, but the forecast looks clear for this week. Frost is not a huge risk in Chile in general; it is common to have nighttime temperatures dip below zero briefly but hard killing frosts are rare. It has been difficult to prepare fields due to the winter rain, but now that the weather is clear, fields will be prepped for planting. We will hopefully get our first couple of certified fields planted this week.

In the Chile parent seed program we are finishing up contracting the sites required. Ground preparation is scheduled to start this week and a number of burnoff and carbonate applications have been completed already.

Hopefully Mother Nature continues to cooperate so that harvest in North America can go along without any delays!