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January 23, 2013

In Chile, December and January were the busy months for customer touring. Most of our customers were here to visit and we spent lots of time on the road and had some good discussions. On the certified side all of the crops are finished flower, male removal is complete, and we are getting close to harvest, with the first week of February looking like the time when it will be the busiest in regards to that. Our cleaning plant cooperators are ready to go for a fast, efficient cleaning and export season. On the Parent Seed side, there are crops from the 5 leaf stage to the swathing stage, and we will harvest our first field very soon.

In Alberta we are re-germing seed and prepping the treating/bagging lines for an early February start to treating. The winter has been relatively mild with moderate snowfall followed by stretches of warm and windy weather, and only short cold stretches. Early February and early April may see snowfall if the fogs are to be believed but that has yet to be seen. From a production standpoint isolations are being confirmed, contracts being signed, and growers are preparing their equipment to get into the fields early in the spring.

The bulk of the BC staff continues to be hands on in Chile with harvest just around the corner there. Looking forward, they are gearing up for a busy couple of months of equipment maintenance and shop time in preparation for the spring.